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Choosing An Aquarium

Saltwater Fish Tank
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There are a lot of factors affecting which aquarium is the best choice for you. These factors include your skill level, what kind of custom aquarium or fish tank you want to keep, which fishes you would like to keep and your budget. You have to consider all these factors when choosing which aquarium to buy to make sure it suits you and your fish. Since choosing an aquarium can be a hard thing to do we have gathered some information and tips to make the process of choosing a bit easier for you.

We would like to begin by providing you with some basic information about the different kinds of aquariums we carry. All aquariums purchased from The Aquarium Shop can be delivered to your doorstep. Your aquarium can be delivered as soon as 2 working days frmo now and on a day that suits you, a service that is free to many regions. For an extra charge you can even decide which time of the day you want your aquarium delivered.

All aquariums purchased from The Aquarium Shop come with a 12 month standard warranty. This guarantee also applies to equipment and spare equipment and new filter media is available for all aquarium packages. If it’s not listed on the site, just e-mail us for a quote.

Saltwater Fish Tank
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Juwel: Juwel is a very popular brand of aquariums as a result of the quality and beautiful design they offer. All Juwel aquariums have a matching stand or cabinet available. There are a lot of spare parts offered for these aquariums.

Rena: Rena is another aquarium manufacturer known for its designs and quality.

Hagen: Hagen Fluval Aquariums have been around for years and have proven to be excellent for tropical environments and to offer high quality products.

Underworld: Underworld has been making aquariums for a very long time and their aquariums are of high quality. Underworld offer great packages for beginners containing everything needed to set up an aquarium.

Via Aqua: Via Aqua tanks offer seamless viewing pleasure and great complete solutions, especially suitable for the beginner.

We also carry other tanks than the classical aquarium such as Clear Seal Coffee Table Aquarium and the innovative all-in-one BiOrbs.

Choosing Your Aquarium

  • Beginners

If you are new to aquariums and want to start keeping fishes you shouldn’t choose a too small aquarium. Small aquariums are harder to manage since the water quality is less stable than in larger aquariums. If the budget allows, a beginner should not choose an aquarium of no less than 50 L and an even larger aquarium of 100-150 L is to be preferred. If your budget is limited you can of course choose a smaller aquarium, a smaller aquarium will however require a little more work. Good budget alternatives can be found in our online shop.

A good choice for beginners can be to buy a complete aquarium package so that you get the aquarium as well as suitable equipment all at once. An example of suitable packages for beginners are the Mirabello aquariums packages which are available both for tropical and coldwater aquariums.

The ideal choice for a beginner is as previously stated an aquarium of 100-150 litres and we would like to recommend the 120 L Juwel Record package to all beginners who have the resources to keep them. Juwel are manufacturers of quality aquariums and have been so for many years. All aquariums as well as the equipment provided with them have a 12 month warranty as standard.

  • Intermediates

As an intermediate fish keeper you have more options in which fishes you feel confident in caring for and you might want to keep other species than would be recommendable for the beginner. Perhaps you would like to try keeping the popular cichlids?

The increased number of options regarding which fish to keep also means that you have an increased responsibility to know and consider your fish’s demands when you are choosing an aquarium. This may lead to the choice of which aquarium to buy might becoming more a question of which species that could be kept in what aquarium rather than what would look good.

Which aquarium you should choose as an intermediate aquarist is mainly dependent on your purpose for the aquarium, but you might want to consider buying a little larger aquarium of 150-250 L since a larger aquarium offers you more options regarding which fish you can keep in it both now and in the future. Even though your aquarium expertise is greater than that of a beginner it might still be a good idea to buy a complete aquarium package since it will contain suitable equipment and since packages often are cheaper than it would be to buy the aquarium and the equipment separate. The Juwel packages is a good choice if you want to buy a complete package. If you prefer to buy the aquarium and equipment separate to get more control over your setup the Aquatlantide is a good option. Rena and Hagen also manufacture aquariums that are suitable for intermediates.

  • Expert aquarist

As an expert you probably have a specific setup planed for your aquarium and you know what kind of aquarium is needed to create it. A good option might be the Aquatlantide aquariums since they are not sold as packages and you are free to chose which filters and other equipment you would like for your setup yourself. If you still prefer to buy a complete set we would like to recommend you to take a look at our larger Juwel packages. There are several other aquariums from our other manufacturers that could also be suited for your needs but as an expert keeper you most likely know your needs better than we do and we trust that you find what you need.

Different aquarium types

Different types of environments require different setups. Most of our tanks are suitable for a tropical freshwater aquarium but if you want a marine or cold water aquarium there are some aquarium packages we would like to especially recommend as suitable for that kind of environment.

Via Aqua have packages especially designed for cold water aquariums and these make an excellent choice for a first cold water aquarium.

Since most aquarium packages on the market that contain all necessary equipment for the setup are designed primarily for freshwater aquariums these packages won’t work as good as one might prefer for marine aquariums. For this reason we would like to recommend the Aquatlantide aquariums. These tanks are delivered without any equipment other than the cabinet and lighting. Via Aqua do offer a Skimmer set which together with a heater instantly convert the tank into a small marine habitat.

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